Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Expecting.. Coming Soon.

To get some more sleep that is..
Anyways in other news even though Yousef is only 8 mths i want to have another one. (We want 4 or 5 more InshaAllah) and though i am still young enough, i'm not getting any younger and i want to have them close in age. Hubby said when Yousef is 2 we can have another. So I took that to mean when Yousef is a year old because if i was able to conceive shortly after Yousef turned 1, then Yousef would be almost 2 when the baby was born.. :) Not trying to hurry them along just hoping they won't be so far apart in age. So InshaAllah things will work out. and Sometime soon will be adding baby #3 to my blog posts InshaAllah!

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